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Our team develops information classification algorithms.

The purpose of this project is the development of understanding (including pattern recognition) algorithms that are stable under the conditions of optical noise and low lighting. We consider such algorithms as higher level core operating system for the next generation robots. We would like to apply it primarily for transport, agricultural and construction purposes.

Currently, we applied the algorithm to identification of road signs. Modern road traffic increase informational load on the human driver.

Many car accidents occur due to the inability of a human driver to notice all road signs in a timely manner.

Road Safety: A Global Concern:

EU Legislation:

LDW is accepted as the standard for commercial vehicles 3.5 m or more, and buses from November 2013.

EuroNcap considers ADAS(Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) function for assigning vehicles safety rating (5 stars system).

In Germany, the government provides subsidies to the car park, which install ADAS.

US Legislation:

Fleet Bill in the US rewards tax benefits fleets equipped with ADAS.

NHTSA considers ADAS technology to assess the safety rating of the vehicle.


Subsidies from the government - Japan provides Subsidies 50,000 Yen

Our system can help significantly to reduce this issue as robotic vision able to watch all road signs continuously and in poor weather conditions.

You can evaluate the performance of our algorithm. Currently, for evaluation purposes, we offer four character types and four road signs.

It seems to us very important to develop the algorithm as we consider it one of mainstream technologies for the purpose of improving the living standards and security in the society.

You can estimate the performance of our algorithm using your files containing graphic texts, or take advantage of our file collection.

Signs"Give way", "No entry", "Secondary road ahead" can be discovered in complicated weather conditions images for demonstration purposes. The system also able to detect objects on the road.

Techprom presentation 1 6-18-10 from Videotomsk

You can compare the algorithm performance with the analogies of other developers.

View videos of the various developers classifications algorithms performance here

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